Why Send Your Pup To Doggy Daycare?

Why Send Your Pup To Doggy Daycare?

There are so many reasons why doggy daycare is important, it encourages your pup to be active, teaches them to enjoy the company of other dogs, and one of the big ones: reduces their anxiety.

Separation anxiety is a real thing for dogs who aren’t used to being away from their humans, especially as we all adjust to life outside the home again after the pandemic. Dogs show their anxiety in all sorts of ways, like barking non-stop, chewing up your best pair of shoes, or even getting destructive. When your dog is left at home, they might worry about you not coming back—which we know is not the case, but getting them to understand that can be tough.

That’s where doggy daycare, like ours at Wag Central, can help. Not only does it allow your pup to be social and burn off lots of energy, but it’s also an excellent way for your furry friend to learn that being away from home can be a great thing. By getting your dog into a routine of going to daycare regularly, they’ll get used to being apart from you and be less likely to feel anxious when you’re out and about without them.

And of course, seeing your dog happily run off to play with their buddies is a wonderful feeling for any dog parent.

Learn more about our daycare program here.

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