Pupster Academy & Wagaloo Enrichment

Pupster Academy & Wagaloo Enrichment

Did you know that we offer 2 fantastic specialized daycare programs here at Wag Central, called Pupster Academy and Wagaloo Structure Enrichment?

Pupster Academy is for puppies ages 16 weeks – 18 months. The cost for this program is $50 per session. During Pupster, our staff can accommodate small groupings and have the population of dogs to do so, therefore we can perform most of the Pupster activities in groups — this allows us to offer a lower cost for Pupster Academy. It’s also a great introduction to our Wag Central community, whether they move on to open-play daycare or Wagaloo.

Wagaloo Structured Enrichment is a step up from Pupster Academy where we focus more on the whole dog, the cost for this program is $66 per session. During Wagaloo, we embrace all personalities of dogs and while we can sometimes create small groupings this becomes more complicated since we are past the puppy age, but most times our trainers work one-on-one with the dogs.

Please keep in mind, that these small group sessions fill very quickly. We hate to turn anyone away, so if you’ve missed out recently, keep your eyes peeled for our weekend text and please respond ASAP so we can save your spot. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee availability for anyone who doesn’t book in advance.

As a reminder, Pupster Academy is held on Mondays and Wednesdays, and Wagaloo Structured Enrichment is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Wagaloo Fridays (a fun mix of both programs) will be held on Fridays.