Wagger of the Month: Butters

Wagger of the Month: Butters

Butters came to Wag Central shortly after we opened, in June of this year. On 4 little stumps, he entered our facility cautiously, winning over every staff member who came into contact with him. Butters began getting the full Wag experience with half days of daycare, while he welcomed his 2-legged friends with open paws, we couldn’t say the same for his fellow 4-legged comrades.

When Butters began our daycare program, he was slow to warm up to any dog. We started him with some older small dogs and well mannered puppies. The first hour or so, Butters clung to a human or watched the other dogs romp from the safety of being under a chair. By the end of his first half day, Butters found friends in Timbo, a Golden Retriever puppy, and Dunkin, a Sheepa-Doodle puppy.

Butters completed a few more “warm up” half days, once a week, then moved on to full days of daycare. He took a little less time to get comfortable with every visit to Wag Central. Now Butters runs into our lobby, smiling and ready to get to the play area to have some doggy fun! He even tried his paws at our Paddle Pool and loved it.

It’s been such an honor to witness Butters’ evolution with us. He went from being a bit timid to commanding a room when he enters. Butters has made some amazing friends here, both 2-legged and 4-legged. He recently celebrated his first birthday, and what better place than at Wag Central with all his friends and fans?

Butters and his puppy party guests enjoyed an afternoon of bubbles, bowling, and free play. They chowed down on meatloaf and mashed potato cake, opened gifts and dug into their goody bags.

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