Ticks, Lyme & Your Pup

Ticks, Lyme & Your Pup

It’s tick season here in CT, and we’ll be offering the Lyme vaccine at our Clinic, and if you need some convincing on why your pup should get it—say no more!

1. Location! We live in a high-risk area, the Northeast. If you see deer in your yard or neighborhood, then deer ticks are present. Unfortunately, your dog is also the perfect host, due to their size and warm bodies.
2. Lyme Disease is potentially fatal in dogs! Additionally, kidney and debilitating joint issues are common.
3. The vaccine is proven to be safe and effective. Please consider getting it for your pup, and of course, check with your vet first.

After your pup has been outside, be sure to give them a thorough check for ticks! Here are a few places that you might forget: underneath the collar, between the toes, near genitals, around the eyes where coloration gets darker, and inside the ears.

If you do find a tick on your dog, grab a tweezer and pull the body off in one shot, and FLUSH IT! Just to make sure it doesn’t come back.

Not feeling so brave? Wag Central can certainly help! Just let us know. Your veterinarian or groomer can handle it too. The most important thing to do is act quickly!