From The Desk Of Angela

From The Desk Of Angela

It’s that time of year again! I’m off to Orlando for 3 days of pets at the Global Pet Expo! Of course, I’m not a big buyer for a huge pet store, but I’m always on the look out for quality items that will enrich your pup’s life. Whether it’s a well-made toy, a quality chew, a swimming vest, or a grooming product I’m always looking for indie brands that have heart behind their product. Wag offers a small boutique buying experience, and since we know your pup as well as you do, we can make great recommendations to help our lives with our four legged friends a little easier.

Recently an owner was picking up their pup and said that Luna had tore apart a cushion when left alone. We know that dogs get into everything, so why was he surprised? Wag staffers were able to steer him to a West Paw puzzle toy that would keep the dog busy while he was away with just a little peanut butter. That toy soon became a lifesaver, and was much more satisfying than eating cushions any day!

Besides buying opportunities on the trade room floor, there are educational opportunities that I love to be a part of. This year’s offerings won’t disappoint as I plan to sit in on Customer Service Survival Skills, Coaching Your Employees to Greatness, and How Your Business Can Stand Out From the Competition!

And I’m so elated to be a panel member helping other pet businesses spark ideas in the seminar called, “Want to Succeed? Be Different!” We’ll discuss how creating a unique outside-the-box business model can differentiate your business from your competitors, and how we’ve all tackled verticals even outside our industry. Among the panelists will be Leib Dodell, co-owner of Bar K in Kansas City, MO, Nancy Guinn, co-owner of Dog Krazy stores in VA, and of course, me! All Moderated by Pamela Mitchell, Pets+ Editor. Always an honor to be considered part of this elite group!

Wagfully yours,
Angela Pantalone