Eliminating Dog Odor from Your Home

Eliminating Dog Odor from Your Home

We adore our furry friends, but unfortunately, the smell they leave behind can be… let’s say less than pleasant—even with healthy and well-groomed pets. As a dog mom and the owner of Wag Central, I’ve learned a lot over the years about keeping pet odors at bay. Here are some strategies I’d recommend.

– Regularly wash your dog’s bedding. Just like changing your sheets, your dog bed also needs to be freshened up. Frequent grooming also helps to minimize shedding and keeps their bed smelling sweet for longer.

– Crack those windows! Improve air quality by opening windows (even during cold weather, just a few minutes a day can go a long way) and using air purifiers for better ventilation.

– Use pet-safe deodorizers to clean floors and carpets. A vacuum is your best friend, right next to your sweet pup!

The goal is to maintain cleanliness through regular washing of your dog and their items, and keeping your living space tidy, which is key to preserving a fresh-smelling home. After all, you want your guests to know you have a pup by seeing them, not smelling them when they walk in.

We offer grooming appointments here at Wag Central during daycare and boarding stays, or standalone appointments. Reach out to us to book!

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