Winter Grooming Tips

Winter Grooming Tips

By Ashley Cone
Shepherd Stylist | Grooming Goddess

During these chilly winter months it can be easy to preoccupied with planning holiday festivities and put your pup’s grooming needs on the back burner. It may be hard to believe, but grooming is very important to keep up with, especially during the winter months.

Just like we get dry skin, pups can get dry, itchy skin. This is why it’s very important to keep up with monthly baths, at Wag Central we use a hydrating, chamomile shampoo and conditioner to moisturize the skin and coat. Applying paw balm to your pup’s nose and paw pads can also help heal dry, cracked skin. Keeping up with daily brushing also releases sebum, the hair’s natural oil. Brushing is very important to maintain a beautiful, tangle free coat on your pup. When fur isn’t brushed and combed through every day, it can get matted. Mats can later lead to hot spots, infection and discomfort for your pup.

Your pup’s nails should be trimmed about once a month to prevent over growing or them scratching their human family members. Wag Central offers nail trimming for only $10, and you can have that done on a walk-in basis or before your pup comes home from a daycare or boarding stay. Your pup’s ears should be cleaned once a month, and this is something you can do at home. We recommend squirting a few drops of ear cleaner in your pup’s ears, massaging them at the base of the ear, and then wiping out the dirt with a cotton ball. For best results, give your pup lots of treats during this process. Not sure about cleaning your pooch’s ears? Let our Grooming Goddess, Ashley do it for only $5 (this can also be done as a walk in or before your pup goes home from a stay with us).

Appointments are booking up quickly for the holidays, so please call today to set up your pup’s spa day and get them holiday photo ready!