Wagger of the Month: Luna

Wagger of the Month: Luna

Luna is a 12 year old Pitbull who started coming to daycare, with her brother Petey, a couple of weeks ago. Recent transplants to Stratford, Luna and Petey both seemed unsure of what to make of Wag Central when they came in for their temperament tests. As there had already so much change in their home life, there was about to become slightly more when coming to Wag during the week.

Both Luna and Petey started with a trial half day of daycare, in an area alone so they could meet some Wag regulars and see the fun for themselves from a safe distance. We then transitioned them over to full days of daycare, which are critical in the process of learning about our 4-legged clients as they acclimate to our facility. The Wag Team immediately noticed, we had two totally different personalities on our paws. Petey is outgoing and loves being part of a rough and tumble group, meanwhile our staff watched Luna sink deeper into her perfectly tan and white, fur shell.

As the days went on, Luna grew anxious and destructive, trying to escape our daycare confines. Luckily, our facility has many spaces fit for dogs so it became a game of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.”

First, we moved Luna with her brother Petey in an area typically designated for our Puppy Program, a quieter space where the sun shines through a glass garage door, basically a sun bather’s delight. This space satisfied Luna but only temporarily.

Next, the staff tried Luna behind our Wagaloo Cafe counter, a space we often put dogs who prefer the company of humans. Again, Luna’s happiness was only short term.

Finally, we brought Luna upstairs for an office day with a Wag Central Team member. We instantly noticed a change in Luna’s disposition, and even saw that famous pitty smile we all swoon over. In a quiet space, away from the barks of fun, Luna found a sunny spot on a rug and zonked out for most of the day. Her anxiety melted away with every snore that escaped her snout.

At Wag Central we are all about personalized care, custom tailored to the 4-legged friend in your life. Luna, along with a few other human-preferring-pups, became a source of inspiration for our new Senior Center. This safe and quite space is currently under construction, and located upstairs in an old office conversion. Plush bedding, a window topped door with access to view what’s going on, white noise, aromatherapy and ample Wag Team love and attention, our Senior Center is an homage to those dogs who prefer a quiet place to lay their head during the day.