Angela Pantalone Photo

Angela Pantalone

Lady Lulu | Chief Tail Wagger

Life before Wag: Previously a teacher, still currently a real estate agent, and broker.

2-legged and 4-legged kin: Three 2-legged kids you will see at Wag Central, Annie, Ellie, and Gus. Two 4-legged kids Lulu and Betsy.

What makes you wag about Wag Central? Excited about the people she will meet, the team she has on board. Focus on putting dog’s health and safety first while maintaining that Wag is a place where dogs and owners can have fun.

Lauren Hoffman Photo

Lauren Hoffman

Mastiff Mama | Alpha Coordinator

Life before Wag: 10 years in digital marketing focused in education and medical devices. Recently took up dog walking on the side, knew she needed a shift to something closer to her heart.

2-legged and 4-legged kin: 4-legged only - Hurricane Katrina rescue, Cookie, is a mini-pin/terrier mix and Neapolitan Mastiff Edgar Allan Poe (Poe for short).

What makes you wag about Wag Central? Born a crazy dog lady, looking forward to working with and constantly interacting with like-minded people, and pups!

Annie Scudder Photo

Annie Scudder

Pointer Professor | Dog Life Specialist

Life before Wag: Attended an agricultural high school, UCONN animal science program, and worked as a vet tech last 7 years.

2-legged and 4-legged kin: Horse named Concho, African Grey Parrot, Lindbergh, GSP, Luke (“mommy’s baby”), and Pitbull Greyhound rescue, Gracie.

What makes you wag about Wag Central? Getting to be a part of something different than a vet/medical setting for dogs while bringing that knowledge to our facility.

Ashley Cone Photo

Ashley Cone

Shepherd Stylist | Grooming Goddess

Life before Wag: Volunteered at local animal shelter for 3 years, assistant trainer for 1 year, dog groomer for 1.5 years.

2-legged and 4-legged kin: 2 German shepherds, and 1 Maine coon cat.

What makes you wag about Wag Central? I love the fact that people can bring their pets somewhere to run around and get the zoomies out even on rainy or wintry days. I think that Wag will help people build a stronger bond with their pets.

Danielle Wilson Photo

Danielle Wilson

Rescue Ring Leader | Dean of Wag U

Life before Wag: Attended Connecticut K-9 for dog training, which I've been doing professionally for 10 years. Also involved in animal rescue of all varieties for 20+ years.

2-legged and 4-legged kin: 3 cats -Beau, Stiltz and Ezzie, Maggie, an American Bulldog, Luna a pitbull, and foster dog, King, Mastiff/pitty mix.

What makes you wag about Wag Central? Helping clients and their dogs to learn and solve problems in innovative ways, while having fun and building lifelong bonds.

Erin Fleming Photo

Erin Fleming

Medical Mutt | DVM

Life before Wag: 

2-legged and 4-legged kin: 

What makes you wag about Wag Central?